spring has sprung!


Spring has sprung and the new CD is being released in Montreal!

Don’t miss the album launch on May 1st @ Sala Rossa: Briga Band & String Quartet + Ventanas (T.O) + Ihtimanska (Mtl)

Check out the new album HERE!


stay tuned…

2013 has been a wonderful whirlwind for Briga.
After touring across Canada & the USA, and being awarded the 2013 Galaxie Rising Star Award, Briga & her band then went back to their hometown, Montréal – Canada, to track a new album.
Briga Small World
Titled “Wake”, Briga’s 3rd CD will be released in April 2014.
Written in honour of her dearly departed father, and tracked live with the band in 3 days, string arranger Tom Cohen came in a month later to track strings on top of Briga’s compositions. The result is a concept album that explores her father’s mysterious Polish/Jewish roots; delivered with a Turbo Folk edge, wrapped up in heavy Balkan & Morrocan grooves, and polished with lamenting judeo-arabic strings. Wake’s sound is a jem that lies somewhere between the everyday and the monumental.
Take a listen to some rough cuts:

Indiegogo Campaign for New CD


Dear friends from all over the world,

Thanks to winning the Galaxie Rising Star Award this summer, Briga & the Band are back in the studio recording the 3rd CD. Although the award helps us get things started, we still need your help to make this record happen.


Picture 3


In an attempt to raise funds, Briga’s decided to start cooking again. The band’s a little concerned about her sanity… Click above to check it out.

Small World Music Festival





Dear Toronto friends,

Some of you have been writing Briga asking her what time exactly she’ll be playing Toronto’s Small World Music Festival on Saturday, September 28th. Well… we’ve got the answers now:


When: Saturday, September 28th @ 7:30pm
Where: Yonge & Dundas Square
Tickets: FREE!

Briga’s currently in Austin, TX, shreaddin’ up the showcases with the amazing multi-instrumentalist & ethnomusicologist Mark Rubin.

It’s loads of fun, but she can’t wait to meet up with her band and hit up Toronto! Stay tuned for some new repertoire that will be tested out on audiences: Filipovtsi Kutchek (listen here) and of course the classics from the Turbo Folk Stories album.

can’t wait to see y’all!

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Homecoming show August 27

After their epic summer tour, Briga & the Band come back to Montreal to play the Montreal Jewish Music Festival this Tuesday, August 27th @ La Sala Rossa. It’s bound to be an amazing evening, with Shtreiml doubling up the bill and a fresh crowd of folks celebrating the post-KlezKanada vibe. Click on the image for more details:
Picture 3

mid tour adventures

Briga & the Band are in the middle of their summer tour, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving you an update on how things are going.


Yes: Tacfarinas is surviving Ramadan… surrounded by a bunch of infidels and pagan musicians who eat & drink in front of him. After a week of cultural insensitivity, the band has realized that breaking the fast together is a good way of eating together. Some band members have tried fasting a day or two with Tacfarinas, as an act of solidarity. And now for something completely different:  the men in the band have fallen for many Amazonian beauties while on the road. As for Briga? Well, she’s been hiding in her hotel room and unplugging the hotel phone. Why? Who knows!



But the best news is coming up…

After playing to a most receptive TD London Sunfest crowd in London, ON, Briga was awarded the Galaxie Rising Star Award.

Also, fRoots Magazine has included Turbo Folk Stories on their playlist for the summer!

wow! thank you everybody for your wonderful receptiveness! now Briga & the Band get ready for Vancouver Folk Fest.

“Lela” from Turbo Folk Stories


So… Spring is accelerating into Summer and somebody came up with the idea to make a music video to the song Lela! Click below to see it:

If you wanna see Briga & the Band live, check out the upcoming summer tour itinerary… lots of great shows bound to happen somewhere near you!

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